Epic, 1984

1. Torture
2. Wait
3. One More Chance
4. Be Not Always
5. State Of Shock
(Duet With Mick Jagger)
6. We Can Change The World
7. The Hurt
8. Body

After a successful reunion on the Motown 25 television special in 1983, Jermaine decided to return to the group, having left Motown after nine years as a full-fledged soloist. The brothers rarely worked together on the album; it was mainly composed of solo songs the brothers had each worked on during that time. Each brother had a solo song on the album: Randy on “One More Chance” and “The Hurt", Tito on “We Can Change the World", Jackie on “Wait" and Marlon on “Body.” Jermaine only sings co-lead vocals with Michael on "Torture". He also performs ad-libs on "Wait" and is additionally named as a background vocalist on "One More Chance" and "The Hurt". "Torture" was originally planned to be a duet between Michael and Jackie (the song's writer), but when Jermaine officially re-joined the group, he took over the parts intended Jackie (who can still be heard during the song's chorus and ad-libs).

The album only had two videos, for the songs "Torture" and "Body", and neither Jermaine nor Michael appeared in either one. A wax dummy of Michael acted as a stand in for the "Torture" video.


State of Shock
Epic Records, 1984
Epic Records, 1984
Epic Records, 1983

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