The 4th child of the Jackson Family Dynasty, the World's Most Popular Music Family and Pop Royalty.


Jermaine Jackson is on a mission to make the world remember his brother Michael Jackson for the great human being that he was. He publicly defended his brother many times when Michael went through rough times and he still defends his Legacy today. 

Jermaine wrote his memoirs in the book You Are Not Alone, Michael: Through A Brother's Eyes, published in 2011 which is an intimate, loving portrait of his brother Michael, illuminating the private man like never before. In 2013, the book was fully revised and updated to include the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray. The book is an Amazon and New York Times best seller and a must-read for everyone. 

"They want the world to believe a black man killed a black man, but the doctor is just a finger to a bigger hand."


2013 about Conrad Murray on TV show Skavlan in Stockholm, Sweden

You Are Not Alone, Michael: Through A Brother's Eyes

Jermaine Jackson's memoirs are available in English as hard cover, soft cover and audiobook. 
Also available are editions  published in German, Italian, Czech, Polish and French. 


You Are Not Alone, Michael; Through A Brother's Eyes, the abridged audiobook is narrated by Jermaine Jackson Jr.

"Memories are described with great intimacy and detail… It feels real. I've read just about everything written on MJ, and You Are Not Alone belongs among the best."

author of Man In The Music: The Creative Life and Workd of Michael Jackson

"A heartfelt book"


"Poignant… Convincing… an honest account."


"It's a book of love"


"Offers a unique perspective on the world’s greatest entertainer.


"A compelling read."


"I picked up the book for the train home… and put it down at 1am. It was the most extraordinary read."



"Michael is missed very much. When we do a performance on stage, we kind of feel him on stage. We miss him dearly. There will never be another Michael Jackson. There was only one Michael Jackson. And the reason why, he was what he was because he was blessed with a talent and God knew what he was gonna do with the talent. He was going to breed an awareness to the world of the problems and try to bring people together and children to make this world a better place. And that’s why he was so great. His performance was great, but he was a great human being. Thank you. We miss him so much..."


30 July 2014 at Michael Jackson Memorial Statue in Amsterdam, The Netherlands